The Birthday Surprise

by Sep 8, 2016

I wrote this one afternoon when an image popped into my head of a child in a hospital bed surrounded by family, celebrating his/her birthday. The image had a touch of sadness or sinister overtones, and this is the result of that one fleeting moment.


The Birthday Surprise

(A Monologue/short scene by David Rayden)

It’s my birthday today. Mummy and Daddy keep telling me I am all grown up, but I’m only ten. Ten is not grown up! Nana is grown up. She’s old. But I’m only ten. Everyone is here today. Birthdays are so exciting.

I’m tired now. Too many presents! How cool is that! I am lucky to have so many friends. All my school friends wanted to buy me a present. I told them to save the money for charity. Everybody was asked to save money for charity, and they did! They saved over £500 and still got me loads of presents! My favourite is the big dog my Nana got me. It’s so soft and I can use him like a pillow.

I collect dogs. I’ve got hundreds. They are everywhere in my room. In hammocks hanging from the ceiling, on shelves, on the floor; everywhere! They all have a name. I’m going to call this one Gabriel after my new friend. Gabriel said he was happy to have my new dog named after him. He’s a nice man. Nana likes his name. She believes in him.

He understands me better than the doctors do. He told me the machines won’t work and he’s right. He’s always right. He can tell me things before they happen! He knows absolutely everything, like magic!

He knows about Daddy; and nobody knows about Daddy! I haven’t told anyone about Daddy because Daddy told me not to. He told me bad things would happen if I did. He told me nobody would believe me and everyone would think I was a bad girl. Gabriel told me I’m not a bad girl and I believe him.

I thought I was sick because I wanted to tell Mummy about Daddy. Gabriel said no. He said Mummy knew anyway. I didn’t tell her! Gabriel said sometimes people are weak and don’t want to see the truth. He’s right. I know that Mummy’s weaker than Daddy, because she never wins a fight with him. Anyway, I told the truth in my diary. I keep it under my pillow now and I want Mummy to read it one day and know all about Daddy’s secret games. She’ll find it and read it for herself. That way I can say I never told her. Is that sneaky? Gabriel says no. He says I’m clever and brave.

I’m tired now. Everyone is crying. I told them not to because I’m going to heaven, but they still cry. Even daddy is crying. When Grandpa died everyone was crying. I don’t know why because they all told me he was going to heaven and I told them they should be happy because heaven is a good place where everyone was happy. I asked Gabriel if Mummy and Daddy will be coming to heaven later. He said he didn’t know. It depends on them. I don’t think I want Daddy there, but I do want Mummy and Nana.

Gabriel says I’ll meet Grandpa soon. It’s strange leaving the hospital room like this. I can see me on the bed. Everyone is getting smaller. Gabriel is carrying me. He is clever. I hope Grandpa is there. I have a message from Nana.



I envisaged a child-like and very innocent voice, and hope the actor can find plenty to play with to reveal what’s going on.

I hope you like this. As usual, if you want to use any of my work, please contact me to discuss. IF it’s not for commercial use, I’ll probably just ask for a credit and link-back, as well as a comment on the page telling people where/how it was used.

Angel wings used in the background: credit to Mithos-2000 at Deviant Art.