The daily commute – a monologue.

by Jul 17, 2016

I can see her face in the reflection of the train window every time we pass under a bridge. Every day I try to sit opposite her by the window. Not always easy with other commuters jostling for a seat in the early morning rush. I remember the first time I saw her; her beautiful long brown hair, tall and elegant. I was captivated the moment she sat opposite me and smiled.

Not a day goes by that I don’t want her. She has the most beautiful lips. Lips I could kiss forever. Now I look at her neckline. A silver necklace traces around her slim neck, with a simple jade pendant poised between her prominent collar-bones. A hint of the small but perfectly formed breasts beneath her close-knit white top, itself hugging her slim figure, short enough to display the satin smooth flesh of her waist, above a black skirt hugging her hips.

Her legs crossed delicately, I admire the wonder of nature that formed her legs. Even her feet are perfect, her pearl-polished slender toes peeking through the open front of her black shoes. She shuffles in her seat; her right foot touches mine, and it sends a thrill through my body. I know she wants me. I want her. I feel the urge rising in me to place my hands on her legs, to reach up to her hips, to run my fingers gently up her body, cupping her breasts and to embrace her; kissing her neck before settling on her lips and losing myself in lust.

I can see her reflection more now as the window darkens when we pass under the bridges to enter the terminal. She is deep in thought, and then she catches a glimpse of me looking at her. She smiles. Does she know what I’m thinking? She gets up, I get up. Our eyes catch again, and she smiles that winning smile. No words are said. No words are needed.

I follow her out of the train and walk beside her to the turnstiles. She always goes left, I always go right. Same routine every day. I love her. I always have. I’m sure I always will. She turns to me, smiles and kisses me. “We’ll meet for lunch at 12:00, then. See you later darling”. I am the happiest husband in the world.