Why the Democrats lost the election.

by | Nov 12, 2016

I don’t really want to post politics on my blog, but this election raised something I’m passionate about: truth and fear of giving one’s straight opinion.

Many tweets, blogs, and even main stream media headlines and comments were sensationalist, exaggerations, and lies. I posted comments on inaccuracies on social media and was labelled by both sides as either a racist/bigot/rape apologist, or a communist/socialist – you can work out which “side” gave which label.

I wrote a reply on LinkedIn to a hand-wringing apologist piece that again tried to blame the voters for Trump rather than the abject failure of the left to understand them. Here’s the (very slightly edited) post:

This is exactly what is wrong with the left. (I hate to use the word liberal, because they are so removed from it). For the record, I am centre-left and, were I in the USA, would have voted for him if possible, even though I think he’s not suited for the presidency.

The left are blaming “Trump’s lies”, when so many people (young, ignorant and brainwashed people with pseudo-social science aside) saw the hypocritical slander against trump with trial-by media, quote-mining, and out-of-context attributions that, with the simplest of checks were found to be untrue, or at the very least exaggerated. It made them look desperate and fearful, and people wondered: why?

The left refused to engage with the idea that the most frightening terrorists in modern times are, in fact, Islamic and that Islamic ideology across all Islamic nations calls for a global caliphate. They enabled Sharia and other religious views to affect western culture and values, and, frankly, scared the crap out of normal people who were worried about this. With Clinton receiving funds from Saudi, and the west working with them while they kill gays and blasphemers in their own country, many people were confused. It’s not the people’s fault – it’s the fault of the left for not dealing with it in such a way that people could have their fears calmed.

Ultra-feminism and gender politics were also scaring the crap out of women. Whilst the YouTube and pseudo-intellectuals lived in their ivory silo, congratulating each other for revealing the “Patriarchy” and “Oppression everywhere”, most people of all persuasions and colour looked around and saw a completely different world to the one they were told existed and rejected the ideology. They wondered why sexy video games were more important than, say, FGM and arranged marriage/honour killings.

People couldn’t see the evidence of pay inequality in their own life, or a 1-in-5 chance of rape in university: if that were true no mother would send their daughter there: they knew it wasn’t, yet the feminists managed to get the president of the most powerful nation in the world to enact laws for equal gender pay that nobody needed or used, and remove due process from rape cases. Mothers were worried about there sons losing their liberty, freedom, and future with the increasing number of cases that were revealed to be unfounded, and yet had the left calling them rapists with impunity after being cleared; of anyone daring to say otherwise being called a “rape apologist”. People turned to Christine H. Sommers and other intelligent, strong, and brave women who were hounded and accused of betrayal of their gender because they dared question the narrative. They found solace and reason and the polls all show they rejected feminism in droves.

The elite took no notice: their ideology and dogma firmly entrenched in their minds and enabled by presidents, politicians, and the UN who dared not ignore their claims for fear of public retribution. They turned on their own leading lights when they became disenfranchised with the message.

People rejected the screaming intolerant Social Justice Warrior fascists that stormed universities and silenced speakers who disagreed with their narrative. They cried as students blackmailed universities and ejected presidents who wouldn’t create “safe spaces” and division for all people of colour/culture/identity. The grown ups could see the bitter irony of these idiots calling for division and segregation in the name of progress.

Most people who voted Trump to reject the “establishment” of liberal elites didn’t like Trump and would rather have had a better choice, however, they saw their country turning to an almost tragic accidental-fascist sate where anyone speaking out against this madness was almost certain to lose their job.

Trump has already allowed people to speak out. I already see main-stream journalists feeling brave enough to question the liberal agenda without fear. (Although most, like this piece, are hand-wringing and looking to blame anyone but themselves).

Trump, for all his potential issues, is a wake up call. People across the whole country can now take stock, wake up, and think about what world they really want to live in. The Orwellian liberal fantasy of Animal Farm was and always will be a fantasy. People are not the same, don’t think the same, don’t want the same, and differences of race, opinion, and culture will always be healthier than a homogeneous herd of sheep that are afraid to be who or what they want for fear of social and economic exile.

In summary, the grown ups have taken back the Kindergarten and the kids are still screaming.

For the record, I am not easily swayed by rhetoric and do not like labels. Our societies and countries have developed imperfectly and in complex ways that are not easily defined. Genetics, culture, parents, peer-groups, experience, education: there are so many facets to the human psyche and our needs that one-size does not fit all and almost certainly never will! To suggest that one party can encompass the needs of everyone is unrealistic.

Diversity of opinion and desire is what makes life special. It’s when we try and force our preferences and ideas, religious, sexual, political, racial, or any other on others that we will always fail.

People can change, but that change cannot be forced. Coercion, by force or threat of social exile, does not change the belief and core values of the individual and is a hollow victory. The individual will conform, bide their time, and wait for an opportunity to rebel. This is what has happened to many decent people with Trump. The world they were told they must accept just didn’t fit with their experience or  wishes.

Finally: I do believe that, with a few exceptions, the world has been getting better and will continue to do so despite political ideologies. The far left and the far right have the loudest voices and distort the reality for most people in the middle: the reality that we are all getting along just fine and don’t see or experience the ideological divides that exist at the extremes.

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