Welcome to my website. I’m David Barber Rayden Actor, Writer, and Speaker. 

I was theatre-trained in London and awarded Honours and Merit from Guildhall School of Music and Drama for portrayals ranging from such classical work Shakespeare & Molière, to more contemporary work. I’m a professional character actor with great passion and integrity.

I’m registered in the UK as a professional actor on Spotlight, the oldest professional casting database in the world: an actor must have been trained at an accredited training school or had at least four professional acting jobs to be eligible to appear on Spotlight. I qualified on both criteria and my CV and listing is here.

I’m currently living in Beijing, China, and available for TV and Movie work, as well as coaching, speakinghosting/MC, voiceover, and related work.

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Professional character actor and coach with great passion and integrity. Awarded HonoursMerit by Guildhall School of Music and Drama for classical Shakespeare, Molière, and contemporary work. Versatile, convincing, innovative, and comfortable with theatre or film.

Available now for auditions.


Currently writing screenplays and co-writing a US-based dark comedy series for TV.

I also write monologues & play-acts, poems, and song lyrics.

Available now for, proof-reading, copy-writing for media, or other assignments.


Professional acting skills are used for presentations and speeches that are engaging, authentic, and targeted to the style of your brand or message.

Also available for hosting/MC work at corporate or public events.

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I’m a professional character actor and coach with great passion and integrity. I have reviews that speak of a “promising performer”, and I was awarded Honours and Merit from Guildhall School of Music and Drama for portrayals ranging from classical Shakespeare and Molière, to more contemporary work. My UK Spotlight CV link is here.

Professionally I toured for three months with Philip Ayckbourn’s Quorum theatre company as the father “Harold” in “Playing Mathilde”, One month in Edinburgh playing Lord Capulet and others in “Romeo and Juliet in Pieces”, and several short films for various production companies. I have made myself free of other full-time work commitments to enable me to pursue acting as a career.

Comfortable with theatre or film, capable, courageous, and innovative, and with awards for honours and merit: Let me show you what I can do for your production by way of audition.

Available now for auditions.


Current in-progress projects include “Live Feed”, a dystopian multi-layered film; “Made in India”, a contemporary comedy/drama; “The life of Death”, a contemporary drama, and I’m co-writing a US-based (dark) TV comedy series. I also write monologues for actors, poems, and song lyrics.

As an insurance Loss Adjuster I wrote detailed reports covering evidence investigation, contract law, and liability, and can proof-read, edit, or create works on a wide range of business topics.

I’m currently a copywriter for marketing and technical customer manuals in English for a Chinese company.

Available now for translations, copy-writing for media, or other writing projects.


It’s not just my professional acting, confidence, and voice control, but a wealth of business experience that I bring to my public speaking and presenting roles.

Experienced in giving confident, motivational presentations and speeches that are engaging, authentic, and targeted to the style of your brand or message, whether internal to your company, or to prospective clients, or as an MC at events.

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